Ptptn's Project A-Ko Ova Review

Rated: 8

Project A-Ko is a comedy and a parody, so do not expect logical plotlines. A-Ko and B-Ko do not get along at all; B-Ko keeps building technological marvels literally overnight to kill A-Ko once and for all. A-Ko trashes them summarilly until B-Ko creates the Akagiyama power armor. Which looks exactly like a leather swimsuit, complete with whip and wrist missiles, and she wears it very well. Add to this an alien invasion force looking for their lost princess, crazed businessmen going after alien technology, crazed alien commanders that love their alcohol, crazed everything. If there was a sane character in Project A-Ko I must have missed him or her.

The parodies are thick, especially in the original movie, so thick that every time you watch the anime, you spot new ones.

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Ptptn's Slayers Tv And Ova Review

Rated: 9

The TV series alternates slapstick episodes with very serious ones. The OVA was less suited for that and has a less constant storyboard quality, sometimes overdosing on humor, at other times hitting a perfect balance. The best OVA-era episodes in my opinion are the movie, and the first story in the OVA "Book of Spells". In the latter one Lina simply keeps refusing to have her head removed from her body. The idea was to place the head on top of a very powerful monster, creating the ultimate weapon. Naga liked the idea and found the resulting monster very attractive, but Lina disagreed. Violently and painfully for others.

The first TV series was the first Slayers anime. It is the story of the priest Rezo, born blind and determined to cure himself.

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Ptptn's Gall Force Ova Review

Rated: 6

The first chapter, Eternal Story, depicts the implementation of the plan to create an in-between race on the unsuspecting Solnoid crew of the space cruiser StarLeaf, monitored by an intelligence section android called Catty and the main computer. It resembles Alien in that one by one, characters get killed. Although not with any blood and gore. First we are introduced to the warfare and its relentless nature, and also the indomitable spirit of the female crew. Slowly we get hints about the plans inside plans that cause the events in this episode.
In the end, the plan produces some new(?) lifeform but ultimately fails in its primary goal. We are introduced to a character, pilot Lufy, that will return in the following chapters.

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